Durable Contemporary Leathergoods Handcrafted in Philadelphia, PA

Perseverance, Strength, and Beauty

Speakers at graduation ceremonies tell graduates similar things.  Be strong. Persevere.  Face the challenges.  Enjoy yourself in the mean time.  As I watched my father receive his Masters degree and as I thought about my own degree which I received a year I ago, I thought about how the lessons the speakers are trying to convey are  familiar.

As I spend my days working with leather, I think a lot about its characteristics and the deeper meanings behind a high-quality hand-stitched leather piece.  A good leather piece is durable- it withstands hardships and trials with poise and dignity.  A well made leather piece will survive the storms.  Not only will a good piece of leather survive, it will emerge more beautiful than before.  The leather will age into a deep warm color.   It will relax, gaining a sensual and delicious texture.

I hope to be a bit like my leather goods – strong, warm, and increasing beautiful despite the harshness of this world.

Give your grads gifts that reflect who they are- tough, brave, and unique.



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