Durable Contemporary Leathergoods Handcrafted in Philadelphia, PA

I Crossed Paths with Hope and Wisdom on the Way to the Store

I live in a state which gets so cold in the winter that even cockroaches cant survive. I am fascinated by insects and so their absence disappoints me. Until yesterday.

My business is named after the cicada, which is a large flying insect with huge eyes and a tank-like body.  Some cicadas emerge in cycles, say once every 17 years.  I was born as the 17 years cicadas emerged.  I have always felt deeply connected to them.  In some cultures, like France, they are the symbol of hope and wisdom.  If you visit southern France you may notice cicada designs on everything from dishtowels to purses.  In other cultures, like China, cicadas represent rebirth, resilience and immortality.

Yesterday, as I walked to the store, I happened to look down.  There, on the curb was a large insect with big eyes and delicate wings.  A cicada! Never in all the years living here have I seen a cicada.  It was smaller than its Southern cousins, darker with red accents.  It had to be a sign.  The cicada must be here to tell me something.  Why else would a single cicada, so far from its normal territory, be in my path on the last week of Cicada Leather Company’s Kickstarter.  If ever I needed hope, wisdom, and resilience, it is now.

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