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Frolicking in the Fall – A List

I have not been outside much lately.  Not because I am too busy watching this season premiers on the TV.  I live in Rocky Mountains which are all on fire.  The air has been considered hazardous and unhealthy for weeks now.  Yesterday, the wind shifted and I got my first breath of fresh air in a while.  When I stepped outside, I noticed it is fall!  The leaves are starting to turn.  The air has a different feel to it.  I had a strong urge to put on boots, scarves, and cardigans.  Now that it is fall, I am excited to do the following:

Jump in a pile of leaves

Wear fall colors

Pumpkin carving

Bake bread

Shcruffle through leaves

Wear leather accessories

Eat toasted pumpkin seeds

Go on a Fall Nature walk

Night Picnic

Drink hard cider

What are your favorite things to do during the fall?


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