Durable Contemporary Leathergoods Handcrafted in Philadelphia, PA

What is a Dopp Kit – The Accessory of the Distinguished Man

Being a distinguished gentleman with as much style (and love from the ladies) as say, Ryan Gosling, does not just happen.  A few accessories are required.  The Art of Manliness includes using a dopp bag to organize your grooming tools.  Sure, you could throw your junk in a nylon zipper pouch or worse yet, into a old grocery bag, but there is no class in that.

Cicada Leather Company’s leather dopp bag is made of the highest quality leather which was tanned in a century old American tannery. The leather was conditioned and made water resistant using environmentally friendly oils and waxes.  The leather darkens with time.  The more you use this dopp bag the more is will gain a deep patina.  The bag only looks better and better!

The buckle is made of solid brass.  The case is hand stitched using time honored methods for increased durability and longevity.  The thread is a strong waxed linen thread.

Our dopp kit is made to withstand the stresses of your travels and one day, your son’s travels!


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