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Cadet Dopp Kit – For the Organized Gentleman

This morning I got an email from a customer who wanted a dopp kit but was worried about loosing all the small things like clippers and tweezers in the bag.  He wanted a pocket of some sort.  I thought about all the times I have fished around in my toiletry bag searching for the nail file or my favorite shade of lipstick.  I thought about all the times I gave up after sticking myself with the scissors or coming up empty to many times.  He was right, there had to be a better way.

The other day, my partner said to me ”  You know what would be cute,a tiny dopp kit for little people.  That way a little boy could have one just like his dad.” A stereotypical image of a dad, face covered in shaving cream, peering into the mirror with his neck craned and his son copying him. On the  bathroom counter there are two dopp kits, one filled with a razor and a badger haired brush and the other with treasures found at the park and the zoo.

So when my customer asked for a place to store his nail clippers, I thought, why not just make a smaller matching dopp kit.  This one will fit inside the other.

Without further ado, Cicada Leather Company now has the Miniature Dopp Kit for all you small items!


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