Durable Contemporary Leathergoods Handcrafted in Philadelphia, PA

Organizing a Brand New Year with Cicada Leather Company

An artisan leathersmith’s shop may not be the first place you’d think of when planning your yearly organization frenzy.  surprisingly, Cicada Leather Company has the tools to get that clutter under control.

  • Everything these days has a cord.  The blender, the hair dyer, the iPhone.  In my house, those cords snake around on the floor looking for people to trip.  Until I starting using leather cord organizers.  Now the cords go into bundles and stay out of the way until next time.

mist grey earbud cord organizer


  • The boyfriend leaves his shaving stuff all over the place.  Sometimes it all ends up in an ugly bag but mostly it remains scattered.  That is, until I gave him a dopp kit.  I told him the history of the dopp kit and how all classy gentlemen use them.  Et voila, cream, razor and toothbrush all end up in his dopp kit!leather dopp kit made in usa
  • Business cards use to make a second lining in the bottom of my purse.  With a simple leather card wallet, I can slip them away.  The cards stay clean and organized so I never loose them.Leather Minimalist Wallet - Cicada Leather Company
  • Clean up that pencil and pen drawer with a simple leather pencil  pouch! Cicada Leather Company - Leather Pencil Case Neatly Organized
  • Do you drop your keys and change in randoms places along the way to the couch when you get home from work?  Use a classic leather catchall in your foyer to keep everything together and easy to find. Cicada Leather Company - Leather Catchall Monogram

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