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DIY Leather Cubby Storage Container Using a Dollar Store Fabric Bin

Maybe its because people are still resolving to get organized but there seems to be a trend towards cubby shelves.  It a trend I’ve taken to. Who doesnt love a well organized bookshelf!

Leather Storage Bins DIY - Cicada Leather Company

The leathersmithing studio moved and now I get to create a brand new space in which to be inspired and create.  I need a tall workbench and ways to organize all my tools.  I found a great DIY work bench  that serves both functions!  The right piece of wood for the top has yet to be found so that project is on hold.  Mean while, I need boxes for the cubbies.  The budget for this project it tight. Fabric bins from Target cost too much and were to brightly colored (not that I am against bright colors, it just doesn’t fit in a leather studio).  In a stroke of late night genius,  I solved my organizational issues.  I bought cheap fabric bins for $1 each.  They were red and tan and did not look very nice.  They needed a facade.

DIY Leather Cubby Organizer -Cicada Leather CompanyI am a hoarder of leather. I can not let go of my scraps.  I cant throw them away or sell them.  They pile up in boxes in my closet.  I just know I’ll need that scrap one day!  Well, today was that day!  I dug out larger pieces of leather, mostly pieces that had blemishes or were set aside for not meeting my high standards.  If you dont have masses of scrap leather around you can get a square at Springfield Leather Company or search on Etsy.

IMG_2953 DIY Leather Box - Cicada Leather Company

I cut the leather into rectangles and punched eight holes into them. I found a long strap of dark brown leather and cut that into handles.  The large rectangles are wide enough as to fold around to the sides. This is what the leather looked like before it was attached to the box.

Not to Scal

Not to Scale

IMG_2953 If you are going to do this yourself and you do not have all the handy tools of a leathersmith try punching holes with a hammer and nail or a screw driver or buy a cheap hole punch.

Having punched all the holes in the handle and the large rectangle, attach the handle with rivets. The handle should be aligned in the center.  Then attach the leather rectangle to the fabric bin.  If the leather is unwieldy, get it damp and fold it to fit the box.  This will give you a better idea of where to attach the leather.  Mark where the holes are on the bin and punch through the fabric.  Then using the rivet setter, rivet the leather to the bin.  There should be four rivets on the top and the bottom.  The leather is now attached to the bin!   You can make the edges look better by wetting them slightly and burnishing them with a piece of smooth wood or plastic.  The leather does not need conditioning or waterproofing.  The leather will darken with exposure to sun and with use. To make the leather darken faster or to condition it use a leather cream.

You’ve now made yourself a Leather Facade Storage bin.  Doesn’t it look better than those tacky fabric ones! Sure one day, Ill be able to afford $130 storage bins but until then, these will do just fine!
Leather Cubby Organizer - Cicada Leather Company



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