Durable Contemporary Leathergoods Handcrafted in Philadelphia, PA


Hello, I am Mia. I design and create leathergoods. My parents taught me as a child was to spend your money wisely on things that will last. I took that lesson and applied it to my art. I learned the basics of leathercraft in a high school art class and fell in love. I loved that leather was durable – able to withstand harsh weather, tough lifestyles, even the dark abyss that is a woman’s purse. I love that leather ages and evolves with the owner. Unlike fabrics which fall apart with use, leather only gains personality. A leather item then tells a story of your life and adventures.

Cicada Leather Company creates durable, luxurious leather goods. We use fine leathers, strong waxed linen threads, and environmentally friendly conditioners. We use traditional tools and methods to create product that will last for years. All our items are hand-stitched using a stitching method that is stronger than sewing machines.

The cicada represents the values behind the company. Cicadas are the symbol of optimistic hope and sage wisdom. While our nation struggles, we all need a little hope and wisdom. Unlike so much of what we buy today, products at Cicada Leather Company will last.

Leather is a unique medium. Because it is porous, it absorbs oils. This means that when you hold your leather wallet or put on your leather belt, it is taking on your oils and in a sense, it becomes more like you. The more you use your leather item the more uniquely like you it becomes. Leather also absorbs heat so the leather jewelry you wear will be warm. Why would you want to wear anything but warm, soft, sensual leather?



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