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Gotta Business Card?

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The Beginnings of a Dopp Kit

starting a dopp kit Cicada Leather CompanyThis one is going to Murfreesboro, TN – just up the road from my grandparents farm!


Cicada Leather Co. is a Finalist for The American Made Awards!

Cicada Leather Company _ 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards Nominee _ Finalist MartWe are thrilled to announce that Martha Stewart has chosen us as finalists for The American Made Awards.  The recognition is exciting (as is the thought of winning!), but what really makes me happy is the increased appreciation for American-made goods.  It warms my heart to know that more and more influential people, like Martha Stewart, are invested in American artisans and small businesses.  Thanks to this award, 10 small businesses will receive funding, recognition and opportunities they may not have otherwise had.

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Mason Jar Coozie

mason jar cozy handmade Cicada Leather Co.

We’ve Been Nominated!

Check out our Martha Stewart American Made Awards nomination!

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The Making of the Passport Wallet

The Making of the Passport Wallet

New passport wallet coming soon!

Fort Sumter Hotel Key Fobs – A Custom Order

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This special order of custom vintage-style key fobs was fun to make, not just because I got to try something new but because it spoke to my Southern roots.  Now if only one of these key fobs could actually get me a room at The Fort Sumter Hotel!