Durable Contemporary Leathergoods Handcrafted in Philadelphia, PA


Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leather is cow hide which has been tanned in organic matter. This leather is known for aging beautifully.  The leather absorbs oils and thus will darken with time.  Because it absorbs your oils, it will take on your essence and conform to your shape.  Leather gains your body heat so that leather jewelry, unlike metal jewelry, is warm.

Waxed Linen Thread

All items are hand stitched with waxed linen thread. The thread is strong with 7 strands.  The wax protects and water resists.

Montana Pine Pitch

Montana Pine Pitch is a conditioner and water resistant made of oil and pine pitch.  It is handcrafted with all-natural ingredients in small batches in America.  Leather conditioned with Montana Pine Pitch can withstand harsh conditions like those in Montana.  The leather stays supple and maintains its structure longer.  The natural beeswax offers top of the line water resistance.


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