Durable Contemporary Leathergoods Handcrafted in Philadelphia, PA


Hand Cut

All items are cut by hand using Cicada Leather Company’s designs.  Traditional tools are used to cut and form the leather.  No machines are used.

Hand Sewn

Good things take time.  While machine sewn leathergoods are cheaper, they are of lower quality.  The hand-stitching sets our products apart from many others.  Our products are sewn with a traditional saddle stitch.  This stitching method is stronger and more durable than machine stitching.  A hand stitched leather item takes longer to make but also lasts longer.  Al Stohlman, a well-known leatherworker, shows in this diagram the benefits of the hand stitch.

Hand Finished

Even the final touches of each product are done by hand.  The dyes and conditioners are worked into the leather by hand.  The edges are rounded and smoothed using traditional tools. All the direct contact with the leather helps to start the breaking-in process as the leather absorbs oils and start to take on unique characteristics.   There is no need for you to treat or condition your purchases once you receive them.  We did all the work for you.


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