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Where the Buffalo Roam

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Happiness is a New Roll of Leather

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Stop Lugging The Totes

I used to carry a big purse.  It was one of those black hole, holds everything, massive bags.  It had everything I could need in it as well as old gum wrappers and crumpled business cards.  After a while of carrying this bag, I realized I hated it.  I hated purses. I do not like the idea of carting around baggage.  I do not like that I am expected to have all this stuff on me at all times when men can leave the house with a wallet and a key.  So I quit.  I stopped carrying the purse and switched to the most basic alternative I could. I made a simple sleeve-like wallet with room for several credit cards and my business cards. Its simple, small, and sexy. Then I made more wallets and clutches so that you can stop lugging that tote around town.

These are a few choices made by Cicada Leather Company.  Each one is hand cut, hand sewn, and hand finished.  The leather will relax and darker with age.

De-clutter your life



Life gets so complicated and cluttered.  Wallet are a microcosm of this overwhelming world,  with all the receipts, business cards and wads of cash shoved into it.  Cicada Leather Designs’ Slim Suit Wallet illiminates all the extra, leaving you with the basics.  It has one pocket and one slot for money.  Because it is a vertical wallet, your money never gets folded leaving it crisp and fresh.  The wallet is slim so it slips easily into the breast pocket of your suit jacket.  With time and use, the leather will gain a rich deep color going from a nude to a chestnut.

Available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/98731228/mens-leather-wallet-slim-for-suit-pocket