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Where the Buffalo Roam

Cicada Leather Company


Too Hot for Clothes? OOAK Nipple Tassels!

When its too hot for clothes, when you just don’t feel like wearing clothes, or when you are making rent at the Amateur Night, then its time for handmade leather nipple pasties with tassels and a bead.

I am so excited about our new pasties, or as I prefer to call them, ta tas. I documented the creation process.

Travel in Style

When I was young, my family and I traveled frequently. My father worked for the airlines and the job came with travel benefits.  These were the ol’ days of traveling by air.  The airlines were eager to please.  They served real food for free.  Blankets were readily available.  And I am pretty sure the stewardess were more attractive.  I loved flying.  Being Southern, we always dressed in own Sunday best when traveling.  The girls would wear dresses with matched bows and socks.  The boys had little sweater vests.

I no longer were big bows in my hair (thank goodness) but I do still believe in traveling in style.  The whole world is going to see you and you are going to see the world back!  Be dressed for the occasion.

Leather has been the fabric of choice in travel wear since- well- the cave men. Its sturdy and ages nicely.  It is always classy.  I get the feeling that traveling with leathergoods like these will encourage adventures!

A Doctors bag is prefect for a weekend away. (more…)