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Cicada Leather Company

Cicada Leather Company

Cicada Leather Company

The Wallet Set: The Fox, The Hare, and The Aspen

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The Fox, The Hare, and the Aspen allow you to choose how much wallet you need.  Going on a road trip and want the whole thing?  Or are you going to the bar and want the basics?  Now your wallets can be as versatile as your life.

The Life of a Leather Messenger Bag

the buffalo Satchel - Made in USA - Cicada Leather CompanyThis bag has gone everywhere with me.  We went to Prague almost a year ago and explored ancient castles.  We’ve gone to New York and battled our way through the sidewalks.  Together, we hiked mountains and relaxed by lakes.  Its gone from a buff color to a rich caramel.  Its a living document of my journeys.


The Tools of the Trade – A Leathersmith’s Best Friends

Hand finished edges complete the piece

Hand finished edges complete the piece

Hand Stitched Leather for Cicada Leather Company

Hand stitched leather goods last longer than machine made leather goods.

head knife

A well designed piece starts here, under a very sharp headknife

tools of the trade

The tools of the trade

One Kings Lane Sale – Just in Time for Christmas

We are pleased to announce our sale on One Kings Lane!  It starts on Sunday at 6 pm PST and goes through Thursday at 8 am PST.

Check out the preview here – https://www.onekingslane.com/sales/17687

Made in America – An Opportunity to Make a Difference

My kickstarter has only a few days left.  When we reach our goal we will be able to do great things.  Part of the funding goes towards purchasing supplies which are made in America. I want to make a product that is not only made in the US but all the parts of the piece – the leather, the buckles, the conditioner – are all made in America.  In doing this, my little business has a much larger effect on our economy.  The leather wallet you buy not only supports my business but the Rhode Island hardware manufactures and the Oregonian conditioner makers.  If we are going to turn this country back into the impressive nation it was, we must do so by buying consciously.  It is my responsibility to purchase goods that are Made in America.  In order to do so, this Kickstarter must reach its goal.  As a reward for backing this Kickstarter, you get leather products made in the USA.  Please visit this page to learn more, to make a pledge and to share with your friends.  Thank you.