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Cicada Leather Company Made in America


Cicada Leather Co. is a Finalist for The American Made Awards!

Cicada Leather Company _ 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards Nominee _ Finalist MartWe are thrilled to announce that Martha Stewart has chosen us as finalists for The American Made Awards.  The recognition is exciting (as is the thought of winning!), but what really makes me happy is the increased appreciation for American-made goods.  It warms my heart to know that more and more influential people, like Martha Stewart, are invested in American artisans and small businesses.  Thanks to this award, 10 small businesses will receive funding, recognition and opportunities they may not have otherwise had.

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Connecting Humanity with Gardening Tools

The other night, my father made a jest that I had a bit of Martha Stewart in me.  I was discussing holiday plans, especially in regards to food and drink (the best parts!)  But beyond a love for an organized fragrant home, Martha and I both appreciate the artisan crafters of America. Last month, she ran a contest to award chosen American Makers with impressive prizes.  The selection was narrowed from thousands of soap makers, basket weavers, bee keepers, and of course leathersmiths like me.

I hold a special place in my heart for other people who work in the traditional crafts like leathersmithing and blacksmithing. A local blacksmith was up for the award.  Tuli Fisher makes the most beautiful heirloom-quality gardening tools.  His tools are made hand forged metals and upcycled woods from old barns and local construction sites.  They really are a site to behold.  The hoe I received in the mail yesterday has a deep brown smooth handle that fits in my hand so well. The metal of the hoe is clearly hand forged with unique grooves and ridges.  Looking at this hoe, you can tell that someone’s hands created this tool.  I love that feeling of a connected humanity when I use a tool made by another human being.

Since I was sharing their links and info on Facebook (traditional artisans must have eachothers backs!), I thought I would enter their giveaway.  They were giving away a pointed hoe.  They later gave away more tools and lots of beef to the local food bank.  The next morning surprised me with a win!  I beamed for days just thinking about my heirloom-quality hoe that I would pass on to future Baxter and Rupert (the names of my imaginary future offspring)!

The hoe is on display with the rest of my treasures – my Buddha candle, my cicada, my skeleton key from the coolest store in San Francisco, a sleeve of birch bark ect.  Soon, I will go dig for treasures with my pointed hoe.  And I will tell my grandbabies stories of the things I found with my hoe.

I have decided that from here on out, I will invest in my life.  The thing that I purchase which in some way comprise my life are worth investing in.  I will no longer by the cheapest or most convenient.  I will buy that which will last for years to come.  Unfortunately in this world, it requires research and time to find the durable, the well made, and the sustainable, but I will try.

Go check out these amazing garden tools – http://www.etsy.com/shop/gardentools?ref=seller_info